Kyra Walsh lives in Bethesda, Maryland, with her husband John, their cat Little Black Dot Cafe, and their Tibetan terrier puppy, Pucci. She is a flower essence practitioner, and spends her free time studying the IChing, tending her garden and nurturing her business, The Cosmic Way.

“I started meditating 20 some years ago with Helen Palmer, who teaches intuition and Enneagram work. Over time I came to appreciate and depend on the deep inner quiet I was able to access within, which at times was an important compliment to the periodic outer chaos in my life. I sit because my life, and the quality of my life, depends on it.  I have mostly meditated by myself, although I appreciate meditating with a group, for example at the John Main Center. It’s a different experience energetically to sit with a group of meditators. Meditating with others at the JMC deepens my experience individually and strengthens my sense of group harmony and community, both of which I value.”