Victoria Pedrick

Victoria Pedrick is an Associate Professor in the Classics Department and has taught at Georgetown long enough to remember when the John Main Center served as the main office for the Theology Department. In her teaching and writing, she focuses on Greek tragedy, epic, and myth. For three years not long ago she served as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in Georgetown’s SFS-Qatar and taught students there. She has lived in the District for so long that she should feel like a native but family ties draw her every so often back to the South.

“I became interested in meditating after I completed the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises last year and found my whole relationship to prayer and colloquy with God opening up and deepening.  I found myself yearning for the silence of prayer and wondered whether meditation could be the way in.  My joining the group that meditates at 12:30 was quite accidental—I stopped by after a class ended at 12:15, thinking I would just see if it was empty and available for me to try and begin, and found instead that that was just the right time to sit with others.  Now I relish the community, whose numbers shift from day to day and whose participants come and go largely in silence.  But it still feels very much a real community.”