Stowe McMurry

Stowe McMurry is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service from Santa Fe New Mexico, majoring in Science Technology and International affairs with a concentration in global health. Outside of class, Stowe is the campus director for Learning Enterprises, a non-profit that sends college students abroad to teach English, and is an editor for the magazine The Triple Helix. “My everyday life at Georgetown often seems like a sprint from the moment I wake up until the moment I fall back asleep. Within the chaos of my daily routine, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and lost.  Meditation is a way to step off the treadmill for a few moments and allow myself to see the bigger picture of why I am here, and to set aside the stresses of deadlines and tasks. I will be a resident of the Magis Row Contemplation in Action house next year, and am looking forward to the opportunity to further integrate mediation into my own life as well as for the opportunity to spread awareness of meditation throughout campus.”