Will Banse

Will Banse is a sophomore in the college at Georgetown from Virginia. He currently intends to be a Linguistics major and considering studying English and Film as well.   ”Having gone to a Jesuit High School and experienced meditation through the retreats and concepts of reflection and contemplation found in Ignation Spirituality, I developed a respect for the calming effects of meditating but never made it a daily event. Thankfully, through the help of the good friends I have made at Georgetown, I discovered the John Main Center and began meditating often. I would easily say that the meditation community is one of my favorite groups of people on campus: like-minded individuals with diverse backgrounds who share a simple connection and embrace their differences. I am therefore honored to be considered a friend of the meditation house and community as a whole and look forward to (hopefully) becoming a full-fledged member of the meditation house next year.”